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You’ve done it. Three years have flown by and you’ve finally graduated and now it’s time to venture out into the big wide world. An increasing number of graduates decide to take a gap year before committing to a full-time job. The decision to take a gap year to travel is an exciting and fantastic way to explore different countries and cultures as well as boosting your employability. There are so many different programmes available for graduates that are tailored to you so that you can get the most out of your gap year. Stand out from the crowd, whether you decide to use this experience to work abroad and develop you skills or simply to travel and discover new and exciting things. 

There is nothing better than immersing yourself in the culture and surroundings when abroad, and working whilst overseas is a wonderful and exciting way to engage and learn about a new country. This is a wonderful opportunity to travel and see the sights and working abroad is also intriguing and interesting for potential employers in the future. It gives you something new to speak about in interviews. Not only do you meet new and interesting people, working whilst abroad will assist you on funding your trip and further travel. If you are planning to work in Australia, you will need a working holiday visa. This temporary visa is designed to allow young individuals to travel for an initial period of up to 12 months.

You could give back to the communities of the places that you visit through volunteering. There is an abundance of volunteering projects available, and the countries that you can visit are limitless. 

Thailand – one of the most thought about destinations for travellers - rousting people to its breath-taking views and wonderful flavour, you can volunteer on projects such as the Thai Elephant Conservation. 

Or go on that African adventure that you always dreamed about and try the Giraffe Conservation Project in Kenya. Or perhaps you are interested in a potential career in teaching. Consider opting for a TEFL course which is designed  to train you to teach English as a foreign language. This will expand your skills and is a course recognised by most employers. 

Is there a better way of gaining experience than a teaching placement in Vietnam? Vietnam has so much to offer, a country with history, and outstanding landscapes. Teaching English to students of all ages in a foreign country shows your enthusiasm and dedication towards this profession and also enhances your skills. Not only A foreign teaching placement really evidences your teaching prowess, as not only are you proving your ability to teach, but you are also combatting language and cultural barriers – making you even more employable when you return from your adventure.   

If you have caught the travel bug, you might want to have a look at getting a multi-stop flight or a round-the-world flight. Both of these allow you to travel to multiple countries with one ticket. See more in one trip! Of course the prices of tickets will vary and are dependent on the number or countries you plan on visiting, but they usually range from £300-£999. Obviously, you will need to look into getting travel insurance and it is probably a good idea to shop around to ensure that you have the right insurance that is suited to you. So be daring and explore and learn about all that the world has to offer. Submerge yourself in their culture and experience life as a local. Meet fantastic and like-minded individuals whilst learning new skills and enhancing your CV! You will have unique and inspiring stories to share once you are back at home. 

- By Shreena Bagga